Term Paper Writing Guide: Points to cover in the Results Section

The Results section is one of the meatiest sections in your mathematics term paper besides the Discussion. This is where you present your findings objectively. When you have a testable hypothesis, you need to write down what happened when you tested it.

All Findings

Yes, this means the negative findings, too. Leaving those out severely affects the implications of your findings. It is actually academically irresponsible to leave some of your findings out, especially when they refute your claim. And you can not alter the findings somehow to support your stance. Remember that you are a part of the academic community, and you have an obligation to tell the world what you have learned. Writing that your hypothesis was wrong is an important academic paper. Let the people know.

It's also important to display your findings in a logical sequence that makes your paper cohesive for the reader. Don't talk about your findings randomly. Use a pattern, such as chronologically.


When displaying your findings, you want to use as many visual aides as necessary. They make information easy to process, and they can make your findings easier to compare. Use illustrations, but make sure you don't get repetitive. Also, thoroughly describe the illustrations so that the reader knows what they represent.

Differences and Relationships

Be sure to not only describe your findings, but also describe how these findings compare to each other. This is not to say that you analyze the information. You just have to state the relationships between your findings. If a control group demonstrated growth but not as much as the experimental group, you need to objectively describe these findings. Once again, this is not the area for you to analyze the data. You have time for this in the Discussion section. You want to be extremely thorough, though. Talk about how much one group showed growth over the other. Talk about if there was any stagnancy in the growth. Talk about everything and in every angle you can.

Your Results section is where you put down everything you have discovered in the process of writing your paper. You have already described your hypotheses and processes, and this is when you answer your questions. Remember that this is only a place for you to present the results. This is not where you talk about them.

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