Article Review Prompts: Creating A Summary

So you spent hours working on that tedious article for your upper level course. It's 2 a.m you are near the end, but wait! You can't come up with a perfect summary to end your masterpiece. No worries, I am here to rescue from the tragedy that was going to be your ending paragraph. Today we will be discussing the art of crafting a memorable summary.

What is the summary?

Before reaching the summary, you must have the two main parts, which the summary will cover. These two portions of your paper include the introduction and the body paragraphs. There paragraphs play supporting roles when it comes to an explosive conclusion. The summary is the end of your paper. It gives a brief overview of what was previously discussed in the introduction and body paragraphs. It is usually a short description that covers only the main points discussed. It gives you a chance to highlight what you want to convey to your prospective readers.

Creating the perfect summary

Crafting a summary can be challenging. I mean how do you break down a ten page report into four to five sentences? In reality the task is not difficult at all. Here is what you need to do in order to make the summary fit the paper. The first thing you need to do before finalizing the summary is read over your paper. I mean after writing numerous pages of work you couldn't possibly remember everything that was said. After review of the work you should make note of each main topic addressed in the body of your text. In an order to break down your paper even more you should read and focus on the main topics notes.

Once you have broken down your paper, you should begin to start with the main idea of a break down sentences. Following the main sentence use the other noted main ideas to craft the rest of the summary. Once the summary has been written, read over it to ensure that all the points fit together and make for a well written, easily readable paragraph. If you have a friend nearby have them read over your material and make suggestions on how to better the ending. The more eyes on your paper, the better your summary will be.

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