A Good Essay Example is Hard to Find

Writing an essay can be difficult for many students, because a lot of them feel stressed out enough already with school in general. A lot of students are taking full time classes and working part time, and have family commitments as well as any hobbies or projects on the side. That makes for a very busy student, and the anxiety is piled on higher with an essay assignment being due. When you have to start writing an essay, it’s a good idea to find an example to use. In life we often learn by example from our parents at a young age, from our friends in high school, from our bosses and even from our children. It really helps to have an example, but what if you can’t find one?

Essay examples are usually available all over the internet, and aren’t that hard to locate. If your teacher hasn’t provided any, or if the ones he has given the class aren’t that useful, then you’re on your own. Take the time to find one, because it’s worth the value that it provides in giving you something to model your own essay after. Here are a few ways you can find an example:

  • Do an internet search for “astronomy (put in your field/topic) essay example” and see what results come up
  • Go onto websites that offer free essays and use it only as an example instead of handing it in as is
  • Talk to friends that have taken the same class before and see if they still have a copy of a previous essay you can use for an example
  • Look at journals and magazines related to your field for academic essays

It shouldn’t be that difficult to find a good example, because there are obviously a lot of people writing about similar things in your field and they have to be published somewhere. Once you are finished with this class, consider posting your essays online to help out other students who are looking for an example. This can be a huge help, because there are a lot of students who can’t focus unless they have someone or something else to follow along with, and your essay might just be what they need. Once you’ve found the perfect example, you may want to tell all your friends or others who are going into the class about it.

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