A List Of Psychology Research Paper Topics For College Students

Psychology studies the science of a person’s mentality. And there are some many things that are studied in psychology, child, clinical, social, developmental, industrial, and so on. With all of these kinds of psychology it can be hard to narrow down a topic to do your research paper on. If you are having problems narrowing down your topic, here are some topics that you can start with to give you some ideas.

List Of Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Is there a link between parental neglect and a child’s weight? Are parents to blame when their child is overweight or even obese? The parents are the ones that prepare food for them but are their choices hurting their child or is there another cause to it, like genetics, and so on.
  • If one or both parents are narcissistic, does it affect their child’s mental health? We have all heard about children learning from their parents but how much influence does it have on their mental health. Are we shaping children to be bad people or does it depend on the household they are brought up in?
  • How does an abortion affect a person’s mental health? You hear about the people that are for or against abortion but no one really talks about how the person that gets one feels. Getting an abortion can have a lasting effect on a person’s mental health.
  • What are the effects of stress on different individuals? We all handle stress differently; some need to be left alone, while others become very violent and could hurt others or themselves. Is there a chart that tells you all the different kinds of people and how they handle stress or do you have to come up with you own list of different individuals?
  • The difference between long term and short term memory. We have heard both terms before but you could take an in depth look at each part of our memory system. Explain how each works and what happens if one or both are injured.
  • How does bipolar affect a person’s life day to day? I’m sure you have studied the disease but you probably don’t know the effect that is has on a person’s life. You could interview people with the disorder to help with your research that you are going to do on the subject. This would make for an interesting topic for your psychology research paper.

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