How To Write A 5-Paragraph Essay

The 5 paragraph essay is the standard classic essay template used extensively by English speaking essay writers of all kinds. It has been adopted in schools as the ultimate essay format. It is used as a foundation in developing an essay to produce a polished, smooth finished product.

Writing your 5 paragraph essay isn’t difficult once you map out what information belongs in each paragraph. In fact, the whole reason for using a template such as this is because it makes the essay writing process so much simpler and easier.

Essential parts of a 5-paragraph essay

  1. Opening paragraph or introduction. In this paragraph, you will be introducing the topic of your essay and briefly describing 3 main supporting facts or concepts about the topic. Your last sentence of this paragraph provides a bridge to discussing the first main point in the next paragraph. As well as introducing the main points, the objective of this paragraph is to pique the reader’s interest, to convince them to keep reading.
  2. First main point. This paragraph is for presenting the first main point of the topic and providing evidence to support it.
  3. Second main point. The second main point is presented here as well as the supporting statements.
  4. Third main point. The third and final point is addressed and supported. Now that all the main points have been made, the last sentence of this paragraph gives a transition into the final paragraph.
  5. Conclusion or summary. The conclusion or summary wraps everything together. It is a condensed form of what the reader just learned in the essay. It may just summarize everything or it may also draw a conclusion based on evidence that was presented. This paragraph should also leave the reader thinking. It can leave them feeling very satisfied, or maybe leave them wanting to learn more. It shouldn’t leave the reader feeling empty or dissatisfied with the time they spent reading the essay.

This essay writing template or pattern is easy to follow and helps the writer to incorporate all the essential components of a good essay. It has been used successfully for many years by newbie and seasoned writers alike.

This is the best type of essay to use for people just learning how to write and how to craft an essay. It teaches the process of making an outline, crafting the parts of an essay and then the writing that brings it all together.

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