Holes by Louis Sachar Book Report

Holes by Louis Sachar Book Report is a book about Stanley, a boy faced with bad luck thanks to a curse inherited from his great- great-grandfather. Stanley is sent to a juvenile detention camp for a crime he didn't do. While at camp, Stanley is forced to dig large holes every day and the boy realizes the boys at the camp are making these holes due to fact that the Warden is searching for something buried there. The narrator begins to intertwine three different stories to tell the reader why Stanley's family is cursed and what the Warden is looking for.

While all of this seems very exciting, it can make for a frustrating book report because you have so many twists and turns and three different stories you can explore. To write a good book report in this literary work, get organized and make decisions on what you want to write.

List the themes of each story

All three stories are woven together, but all three have their own themes. List the themes in all three stories, or discuss the themes in the book as a whole. To really nail down a solid topic, though, you should choose one themes to work with.

There is the theme of fate that runs throughout the story and links all three together. The theme of cruelty and revenge is another theme that links the three stories together. You could also write about the theme of how our history can impact our future.

Symbols and Motifs

If you want something a bit more unique or subtle, try talking about symbols or motifs. For instance, in one story a character is named “Kissin' Kate Barlow” and in another the same character is known as “Miss Katherine.” Even though this is the same person the name change has brought about a different perception of this character. This is found with many of the characters and it ties all three stories together.

Writing a book report on the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar will depend on how well you can organize your thoughts and the themes of each of the stories that run together. List the different themes, talk about how the themes tie each story together, and round out your report with how the theme is shown clearly in the entire novel. This will be your best bet in getting an easy and good book report from this book.

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