Critical Essay Writing Prompts: Choosing A Work

Writing a critical essay can begin with choosing the work that you will be analyzing. Sometimes it can be more than one article or book that is being reviewed. Before beginning to analyze the work, reading it thoroughly is important. Gaining an understanding of the point of view, the problems or assertions that can be pulled apart and discussed in an article is the first step.

Next summarize the author’s point of view and how the main ideas have been presented. Commenting on the reasoning that that author uses can frame the critical analysis.

Digging deeper into the author’s work can help to describe any research or experimentation that has been done or not done to allow the conclusions that are in the reading to be reached. Does the article follow a logical framework so that from start to finish it is consistent and can be easily followed?

Choosing a work to write about can be made easier by the prompt that is given. Is it a compare and contrast piece or a critical essay? Are you examining the work that has multiple perspectives or do you need to use multiple sources to make your points? Some prompts might ask a question about one piece of literature by using another as an example. In this case, using relevant passages from both works can be the key to generating a good paper.

Once a prompt is given, then the task is to begin the writing process. You will need to choose a topic and draft our thesis that you can work from for the assignment. If the prompt is specific about the subject, then writing your thesis and getting the paper in shape follows the work that is chosen for the assignment.

At times, a topic or prompt can have many ways to approach a topic. There may be multiple sources that can serve as resources for the article. Do not feel as though you must use all the material that you find in any research. Using enough to make your points in your article should be sufficient. Do not forget to cite the information in the work properly so that any quotes are attributed to the person or entity that owns them. Writing prompts can help to frame the analysis or critical review of a work. Choosing sources can be done with research and then writing the article can begin.

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