Main Difficulties In Process Essay Writing

A process essay may seem easy to write but there are elements that can make it tricky, even for skilled writers. There are a few elements to consider when completing an essay of this nature including difficulties that may lead to a lower score, stress, and frustration during the creative writing process. It helps to study samples and get an idea of the structure for the essay to understand how to present your process in an easy to follow manner. The following points provide more insight on common difficulties and how to overcome them for your process essay.

Lack of understanding in how to present a process. Because you can present your process in two different ways, sometimes one way is better than the other. Some find it difficult to present steps related to a process that seem easier to do physically instead of using words and sentences.

Distinguishing whether you are explaining how something is done versus how something works. Understanding how to explain your content may depend on your thesis statement (main idea of the essay) and what you are trying to prove. It helps to choose something simple or something you have a detailed understanding about that will help you write about it.

Helping readers understand the process from a written perspective. Readers may not actually complete a process based on how you wrote it, but upon reading your essay they should have a better understanding how it is done.

Structuring each part of the essay to help readers understand their main idea. Your introduction may include your thesis but it introduces the problem or idea you will lay out as a process (also known as your solution). The body paragraphs may detail each step of the process as it relates to the main idea or problem. You should make sure no steps are missed or overlooked. The conclusion reminds the reader of the problem and solution while summarizing the steps.

Transitioning processes from one step to another; how to do it logically and clearly. If you think about the process clearly as it is being done this can help you keep related steps in order. Punctuation is often used to separate each step but be careful on how you use it to avoid mistakes between each transition. Lack of proofreading and editing. You should take time to read your content to make sure the process itself makes sense.

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