10 Tips On Writing A Research Paper On Technology In The Classroom

  1. Pick a position.
  2. There are people that agree with children being able to use technology in school, and there are people that disagree with it too. You need to pick which side you are on so that you can have an angle for your paper. However, you are going to need to refer to both ends of the argument. You need to prove why your side is right and why the other side is wrong. Your sources should be able to help you do this.

  3. Gather as many sources as possible.
  4. Depending on how long the paper is, depends on how many sources you should have on the topic. You should have a ton of sources to help you have enough information. Your sources should be on both sides of the argument. Meaning that some of the sources need to agree what you position, while others need to refute your position. This way, you can be able to refer to both sides of the argument in the paper.

  5. Plan out the paper ahead of time.
  6. Once you have you angle and your sources, you should make an outline that details exactly what you are going to talk about and where you will say it. It also should have all of your ideas and where you are going to use or quote a source.

  7. Start working on the paper early.
  8. Waiting until the very last minute to do your paper will only land you in a mess. Avoid that mess by starting early and getting it out of the way. I will feel so much more relaxed, and once it is done, you will feel relieved like a weight has been lifted.

  9. Proofread and edit multiple times.

  10. Look at examples online.

  11. Use professional and reliable sources.

  12. Start with a well thought out a thesis statement.
  13. The thesis should be constructed after you have chosen an angle to focus on. The thesis needs to say if you agree or disagree with technology being used in the classroom and why that is the case.

  14. Check you format and other instructions.

  15. Try doing the body and conclusion paragraphs before the introduction paragraph.
  16. The conclusion paragraph and the introduction paragraph are known as the two hardest part of the paper. If you have your thesis and you sources, you can write the body paragraphs since they are the easiest. The conclusion is just a summary of the body paragraphs so; that is what you should write up next. All you have to do is summarize the body paragraphs. Save the introduction until the end because it is just on overview of what you are going to write. Since you have already written it, you can easily give that overview.

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