Searching For An Interview Essay Available For Free: Great Suggestions

Regardless of what major you are or whether you’re a high school or college student, many professors may require you to write an interview essay. As you’d expect, such a paper will involve you, the student, finding someone in your school or community to sit down and speak with. You’ll then write about the conversation you’d had with them.

But if you’ve been assigned to write an interview essay, you may be wondering where to begin. One place to start is to find samples. But where do you find them? Let’s take a look.

  • Online
  • A number of websites and databases offer free samples in order to give you an idea of how to write an interview essay. It’s definitely worth a look. Many websites are dedicated to helping students with their homework and a paper like this is no exception. Be wary of sites asking you to purchase samples- these can often be scams or, worse, a waste of money. With the amount of free stuff out there, there’s no need to waste a penny on homework help.

  • Ask Your Professor
  • Believe it or not, your professor can be a valuable resource for helping you with your assignments. Most professors are happy to provide you with samples to review or help you figure out where to start with your paper. Just arrange a meeting time after class (phone calls or emails are always appreciated) and see what your professor can do for you.

  • Visit Your Writing Center
  • Many colleges have a writing center, where students can go to receive assistance with writing and English assignments. If you don’t have a writing center, however, it may be worth paying a visit to your school’s library.

    Most libraries and writing centers feature labs where you can ask for help on papers and reports. An interview essay is no different. Just be cordial and ask for help.

  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • If you’re looking for inspiration for an essay like this, one of the best places to look is a magazine or a newspaper. Magazines and newspapers regularly interview people from all walks of life, depending on the nature of the article. Turn your focus to Q&A pieces or feature articles. While these may not follow the same structure as your school assignments, they’ll provide valuable insight on the structures and conventions of the form, as well as what kinds of questions to ask your subject. Rolling Stone, in particular, is one magazine that’s worth a look.

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