10 Recent Events to Use as Argumentative Topics for Research Papers

If you are writing an argumentative research paper consider these ten recent events that you can use. You can agree or disagree or choose a particular side in each event:

  1. You can write about Scotland’s recent attempt at independence. This can be used to argue whether Scotland should be given independence. It can also set the stage for an argumentative paper on whether all former colonies should be relinquished to the state of independence or what economic toll that would bring. You might also use it to write about other smaller areas that are currently vying for independence and whether this would stir something in all of them.
  2. You can write about Ukraine and geographical importance it plays for Russia and for the United States.
  3. You can write about Iran’s current preparations for a transition in their leadership.
  4. You can write about Sweden’s recent election and the divided results that it brought. This can set the stage for review of the European Union members who have recently faced political disruptions and more extremist political groups. It can also be used to argue whether the European Union is still an economically viable union or if there are any changes that might best suit all of the countries.
  5. You can write about the Dalai Lama’s succession plans.
  6. You can write about the recent Ebola outbreak and whether there should be changes made to international legislature that better support vaccinations for diseases that target third world countries.
  7. You can write about Nigeria and the militant groups that continue to claim more territory and kidnap more tourists and locals. You can use this as a discussion for the use of kidnappings as a terrorist tool and what leverage these militant groups have.
  8. You can write about ISIS and the recent decision by many first world countries to intervene against the group as well as the public statement made by President Obama.
  9. You can write about the manner in which East Asia is finally feeling reverberations from the issue that was occurring in Ukraine.
  10. You can write about the manner in which Russia responded to the sanctions placed by the European Union and what steps Putin is currently using to change the energy sector in Russia and to remain in control of his position as well as his people.

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