Asking a Friend to Write Your Essay

As a writer, my friends constantly ask me for help with their papers. As a professional writer, I ask for reasonable compensation for my services. Writing papers can be extremely difficult, and it's great to get help. In fact, it's encouraged. But there are certain things to consider when asking for help from your friend with your essay.

Honestly Discuss the Amount of Help you Need

If you are asking for your friend to come over and read over an essay you already wrote to check for errors, buying a pizza and thanking them profusely probably proves sufficient. However, if you're asking for more help, you have to understand that it requires more compensation. Also, if you mislead your friend on the amount of help you need, you aren't going to get it.

Talk about what you need your friend to do for you. Do you need them to read the book you're writing on? Do you need them to work on an outline with you? Do you have the required sources and quotes? Are you asking them to write the paper for you? The more honest you are about what you need, the more honest of an agreement you can make with them.

Give them Plenty of Time

Your essay has a deadline. It's in your best interest to give your friend as much time as possible to complete the project to ensure that it gets done on time. While your friend has agreed to work on your essay with you, they have other obligations. Make sure your time requirements are beyond reasonable.

Work Together

The advantage of hiring a friend to help you with your essay is that you are working with a friend. It's somebody that you don't mind spending time with. Agree to a time that you can get together. Put aside all other interests and focus on the project at hand. The reason you hired someone to help you is because you have other obligations. Work together in silence and find times to collaborate.

Don't be Afraid to Have Fun

Yes, it's dangerous to get off track while working with a friend. However, sometimes you can find legitimate ways to make work fun. I once had a friend pay me ten dollars to edit her paper on the movie Scarface. We watched the movie together, I read her paper, edited it thoroughly, re-revised, and then she took me to get ice cream. It was productive and fun. And she got an A.

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