International Human Resources

Human resources refer to all the individuals that constitute the workforce of an organization. Therefore, international human resources can be defined as the set of individuals working together to achieve a company’s target globally. To enhance coordination within a company’s foreign issues, an international human resource manager is required. This is an individual who is responsible for controlling and coordinating the activities of the company internationally. Other than the control and coordination of these activities, the human resource manager is responsible for all the staff in the organization. The management of human resources in the global arena is particularly considered a challenge by organizations.

Human resource management is a tool that enables businesses to achieve short term and long term objectives. It involves a strategic and coherent approach to the management of organizations personnel. International human resources can also be defined as the section of an organization that is tailored to deal with the recruitment, management and provision of change and direction of an organization internationally. Multinational companies are mainly comprised of an international human resource department that is responsible for overseeing the running of the personnel in the organization. The performance of an organization heavily relies on how well the business handles its human resource. International human resource management is responsible for the smooth running and coordination of the various departments within the organization. Human resource managers running these departments are responsible for handling overseas transfers, return of individuals as well as prepare members to work in different cultural backgrounds. They have high managerial and interpersonal skills relevant in coordination and controlling. Furthermore, to ensure that the company enjoys highly qualified personnel, they must be capable of discerning the potential of the applicants. This is usually done by running a background check on the applicants.

There are different processes that comprise the international human resource as a business practice. These practices must be simultaneously used to achieve the set goals of the organization. The practice involves activities such as workforce planning, management of skills, personnel training and administration. Others on this list include recruitment, performance appraisal, time scheduling and management, benefits administration as well as travel management. These are the major activities that direct affect the personnel of any organization. International human resource management is faced by a number of issues based on the area of operation. The issues are also as a result of the models that exist.

In conclusion, it can be seen that international human resource provides a global framework for the management, development and control of personnel in a multinational organization. However, faced with cultural diversity and convergence issues, the coordination within international human resource is always a challenge to every organization.

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