Revolutions And Development Of Different Art Forms Around The World

Art has changed throughout the centuries thanks to many social and economic as well as religious pressures. With new systems of leadership and religious rules moving in and out new phrases of art came to be.

The advanced art student or general observer will note that each period of fluctuation within the field of art is considered a “genre”. A genre is created when a transition takes place that forever alters the type or style of art that is considered “normal”. This is an interesting issue because artwork can actually be categorized by the different influence a work of art had or the era from which the art came. It can even be categorized by the artists.

The Renaissance was a period that was brought about by changes in the leadership and the religious influence. Paintings changed dramatically from dark and bleak portrayals of religious figures and stories to brightly colored depictions that made the faces of angels and biblical characters more appealing and more luscious. Artists were no longer limited to making characters look like regular people. In other areas of the world images were being produced that no longer focused only on biblical stories. With the church no longer in charge of all paint commissioning artists had the freedom to try whatever they wanted. They could test different styles and colors and paint whatever was appealing. Pictures were produced of parties or loved ones. Still life was another genre where normal aspects of life were portrayed on canvas such as a bowl of fruit. Another period of time that produced a great deal of influence pieces of art was the Impressionist period. Some might see the works of Mary Cassatt and know that these belong to the genre known as Impressionism, but that they were also remarkably unusual for their frequent depiction of motherhood.

But you can also examine the works of other Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir and Pissarro and understand how they reflected the period in time when artists were challenging the “norms” and creating works of art using extremely alternative techniques. You can then relate the Impressionists to painters working in other genres, but in the same somewhat revolutionary period.

For instance, then you could mention Pointilism and Expressionism, and also look at the ways these forms appeared in different places around the world.

Overall each of these periods has served as a form of influence.

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