Ethical Choices

Responsible adults capable of making their own decisions may include ethical choices. This is a concept that involves making a fair decision between right and wrong. Sometimes it is a matter of analyzing a situation based on what you know while reviewing advantages and disadvantages. Most people try to make ethical choices that will benefit them or someone they care about. Yet, the concept of understanding right from wrong may vary when comparing personal standards of you to others.

Most people want to do the right thing because of the intended expectation. It is the concept centered on personal conscience and what you know. You inner self may know the right choice by instinct or previous experience. There are times in which you have to think about your choice and why it is right, other times you may need to research beyond the feeling of being right to have more evidence to support your final decision. Some decisions are influenced by actions of others that can be positive and negative.

But, there are negative decisions that can lead to bad ethical choices that make many wonder why they made such a decision in the first place. As mentioned earlier, there is a form of natural instinct that influences personal decisions but even when you understand consequences of doing something wrong or considered inappropriate, there are people still influenced to make the choice to do it anyway. Having options to make ethical choices can help you improve your lifestyle and how things are perceived around you. But, such choices can take on new meaning when comparing them by gender.

Many ethical choices can be scrutinized when there are two sides. They can be difficult to make when trying to establish a balance between two sides that do not agree. Is there a point in which a decision is no longer ethical or does everyone have to agree in order to make it something fair? When creating a balance, the element of who or how the decision making party will benefit may be a leading factor. Yet, there are those who have a tendency to try and take away what is fair; they may have other intentions that are unfair due to lack of morals. It is part of nature you are able to make your own choices, but there are more challenges that are ahead when you try to make things fair in a situation that involves others who may not see things the same way.

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