Essays for Sale: Are They Good?

As with anything else these days, you can find essays for sale on the internet. The question in the title of this piece is not the important one though. It does not matter if they are good because the ethical question is the more important one. Is it right?

If your moral compass is off then you might answer yes to that question.

Here are some things to think about though:

  • Do you really want to take credit for work that someone else did…even if you have paid for it?
  • Why would you pay someone else to do your work?
  • If you start down this path now while you are in school, what are you going to do when you are in the real world workplace? Are you still going to pay someone to do your work then?
  • What happens if the paper you bought was plagiarized and you turn it in as something you have written? You will be the one to pay for it in a big way then. Plagiarism is a criminal offense.
  • Someone is paying for your education. It may be you through scholarships, grants and student loans and it may be someone else. Regardless of who is paying for your education, it is not a cheap thing. You are stealing from them by not using the opportunity to learn everything you can while you have the chance. What is even sadder is that there are millions of people who would give anything to have the opportunity that you are squandering.

If you still think you will go ahead and purchase an essay then whether they are good or not is beside the point. You have already failed in terms of right and wrong.

That being said, you can find essays already written on the internet. You can also commission them to be written. There are web sites for each of these options. If you commission one to be written you may want to take a look at some of the freelance writing web sites. If you want a pre-written one then check out the sites that specialize in selling essays. You may have better luck with a freelancer site because the pre-written essays may not be available on the topics that you need.

Remember that you get what you have paid for and although the karma bus may be a long time coming, it will come nonetheless.

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