Psychology Essays: Who is Your Audience?

Generally essay is the piece of writing written for a specific purpose according to the topic of the essay. Most probably it is the personal view point on certain phenomenon. But psychology essays are specific kind of essays which are written on purpose by keeping in mind the audience or the target population of the essay. By target population, here we mean the readers who are going to read your essay. Psychology essays are written on special basis providing mainly the content according to the demands of the reader or audience. For example, you are going to write an essay for secondary level students, then while writing the essay, you have to keep in mind the demands and expectations of a secondary level student. For it you need to understand the psychology of the audience, the needs of the reader and you have to score the point exactly in that manner which your audience expects from you.

There is certain criterion set for the psychology essays and if you are writing a psychology essay then you have to meet this criterion because it will cover the demands of the audience of the essay. Here this article will provide you with the key points that will guide you to write a psychology essay because each point carries some weightage to meet the criterion 100% for the psychology essay.

Given below is a list of points that should be kept in mind while writing a psychological essay:

  • Title/ Abstract:

    The title of essay along with brief description of the essay should be written on first or title page. In other writing terms it is known as abstract which comprises of at least 150 words.

  • Argumentation:

    Then you have to clearly address all the questions related to your topic of the essay logically.

  • Theoretical perspective:

    Your supportive arguments should be further supported by some authorized psychological theory related to the subject of your essay.

  • Literature Review:

    You also have to do a literature review of your topic and your arguments should also be supported by the research and literature review.

  • References:

    And at the end of the essay, you have to provide the references from where you got the data, related researches and theories.

Most of the times, the psychology essays are written on the topics related to the field of psychology which includes human mind, human behavior, psycho-social needs, psychological effects etc.

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