The role of the USA in world war two


According to history, the war was to create neutrality among the countries.

The taking part of the USA in the war is in the year1945 to 1945.The reason of involvement in the Second World War is because of reinforcement by the Japanese. This led to declaring of the war with Germany and Italy over the United States due to their taking part in the war. This is because they were focusing on the battle of the Atlantic. This battle includes Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and The battle of Midway.The closing stages of the war were notified by the atomic bomb whichthe result of the experiment is of secretes and it refers as the Manhattan project.This world is the base of the cold war. This research paper analyzes on the role of the USA in world war two.

To start with, the role of the USA in the war is to give out diplomatic support to the empire of the British and their allies.In this case, USA assistance has a vast impact to the war since there is the addition of manpower and the war materials. In addition, the role of the USA in the war is to provide and supply war materials to the Soviet Union and United Kingdom during the year 1940. The materials have excellent significance in the war since it provides manpower and support against being defeated.

In addition, United State involvement in the war is because of Italian and German declaration of war. In this case, the United States joins the war after the attacks on Harbor peals by the Japanese.This war between the Italian and German is to bring other countries of Europe into the war. Besides, the role of the USA in the war is to launch overload of the operation so as to invert North West Europe. Lastly, the responsibility of the USA in the war is to liberate Philippines so that they can celebrate their victories as the superpowers.

In conclusion, the responsibility of the USA in the war is to manufacture arms for the war so as to impinge Allies of the nations. Also is to provide manpower to other countries of Europe.Lastly is to be responsible in taking part of the roles of the commander of the Allies.

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