Research Paper Tips: Restate and Summarize Your Findings

Writing a research paper is no easy task, and one must be thorough when preparing every part of it, because if you slack off somewhere, the overall quality of your work will drop.

However, there is no arguing the fact that the paper’s conclusion should be handled with more care and finesse, as this is the part that should persuade readers of the importance of your research.

A good conclusion should be more than simple restatement and summary of the paper’s key points, it should help the reader understand why these points matter. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this result:

Make a Statement

Depending on the type of your paper, you will be able to choose among several kinds of conclusions. However, regardless of which you choose, your final summary will make a stronger impact on the reader when you include some deep statement or a call to action into it.

Usually, this entails restating the topic of your work and your thesis statement. Bear in mind that you don’t need to elaborate on the subject again, as your conclusions must be concise and written in clear simple language.

Tie Up All the Loose Ends

If you have some unfinished lines of thought, you will need to finalize them in the conclusion. You may show that there is some room for future research of these subjects and indicate the direction this research should take. However, be careful not to turn conclusion into introduction by presenting new points and opening more trains of thought.

Comment on Larger Issues

Unlike the introduction that should bring readers to viewing the topic on a smaller scale of your particular research, the conclusion should show the bigger picture and explain how your work fits into it.

Match the Objectives of Research

When writing a conclusion, it’s essential that you go back to the paper’sintroduction and look into the objectives stated there. Make sure that you match them in the conclusion, even if some of the objectives have changed in the course of your research.

Use Logic

As many research papers present different sides of the topic, the conclusion should state arguments supported by evidence and present a logical statement based on facts.

Allow the Readers to Draw Their Own Conclusions

In some cases, it may be more effective to finish your work with a question that is aimed at the core of your topic instead of a statement. This will allow the reader to go over the paper and find the answer.

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