Principle of Marketing Trap-Ease America

Marketing is an important concept for any business organization that wants to sell, promote, and advertise products and services. With Trap-Ease America it was a matter of understanding how to market a concept the makers knew people would benefit from. This means developers behind the product worked with investors to develop and organize a plan that would effectively market what many people know as a simple mouse trap. The concept here placed more emphasis on bringing attention to the product and the demand for it grew considerably, making it an important component for its marketing strategies.

The concept behind the product is simple. This is a simple mouse trap that is used to help trap mice in the home or dwelling the trap is set. The marketing concept for the product was targeted toward women. The group behind the marketing concept knew they needed a target audience that would not only buy the product, but would have good reason to invest in it. Women were sought as a good target audience since a large number is head of the household, clean their homes on a regular basis, and want something that will keep children safe. In thinking about these elements, marketing the product had to include elements that would help sell it quickly and efficiently to this particular audience.

The marketing team behind the trap came up with a strategy that focused on the following elements: convenience, customer needs, cost, and communication. Each of these elements are important to potential customers in just about any form of marketing, but the company identified these elements with more in-depth understanding to make their product more successful. This means developing a mission statement that would help the company stay on track with meeting customer needs, what they want, how to provide it at the right cost, and be able to communicate with ease its convenience.

Some people feel the marketing principles for Trap Ease America is not at its true potential. Few feel more has yet to be desire and the intended market is not being engaged enough. Even though there are several elements identified so far, there are suggestions the product needs improvement as far as getting other cultures and types of people on board to purchase it. Meaning, the company may need more education on who else can benefit from the product and they can better utilize their skills to obtain higher customer value.

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