How to Start the Creative Writing Process for Your Informal Essay

Creating an informal essay can present many challenges. People often struggle with the following points when beginning such a writing project. Items such as…

  • Selecting a topic
  • Creating a thesis statement
  • Organizing thoughts and information

…and many others that arise as the writing process progresses. In this article I will provide insight and advice on how to effectively overcome writer’s block, organize your information and thoughts, and get your creativity flowing.

The first step to creating an informal essay is to understand what your client or teacher is expecting in terms of format and length. Communication is key when approaching any writing project as the article will need to be addressed to a specific audience. Clarifying the audience is important because it will greatly impact the complexity of language used and the type and volume of information included in the essay. The audience will also influence the topic chosen for the essay. One the audience has been determined and other specific details have been revealed, you are ready to move on to the first step.

The second and often most difficult step for many people is choosing a topic. There are a few tips that will help you to select a topic that is both professional and easy to write about while still appealing to the audience that will be addressed. These include…

  • Take ten minutes and brainstorm about what you are interested in. If you are interested in the topic, your writing will be interesting to your audience. In ten minutes write everything down that comes to mind without regard to spelling, punctuation, or audience compatibility.
  • Think about who the audience is and what they want to know more about. Cross off anything on the list that would not appeal to your readers. If you have trouble determining what will and will not interest your audience it is wise to have someone assist you.

Once the topic has been chosen, write down any knowledge that you currently possess about the matter. Next, research should be conducted to support the chosen topic. Write each idea or piece of information on an index card so that they can later be easily arranged into a coherent essay.

Finally when the direction of the paper has been established, determine a sentence that will best summarize the essay. Elaborate on this in four of five more sentences to create a paragraph. This subsequent paragraph is the thesis statement.

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