Using Different Search Engine Sources For Your Academic Paper

A little trick that many students don't know about is that you can write "high quality academic papers' by switching up the search engines that you use to get your sources. This little method of finding information will help you improve your projects because you will be exposed a larger variety of content for your writing research. While all the other students use the same sources that they find on Google, you could be completing grade "A" papers using reliable resources that you found on Yahoo or Bing.

90% of Students use Google; we know this because it is largest search engine in the entire world. However, did you know that the top page results displayed by Google are not guaranteed to be the most reliable... or even the most relevant? If you look at the science behind the algorithms that Google uses to determine top page views it is all about advertising and driving web-traffic, not providing users with the best or most insightful information on any given topic.

We always talk about encouraging students to work "smarter not harder" and one way that they can do this is by using alternative online search engines to find their academic paper content. Try to remember that all your peers are using the same old "Google Search" they are going to have the exact same resources cited on their papers.

If you want to expose yourself to something new and different you need to consider an alternative way of thinking. Don't click instantly on the first search engine result that comes up and decide that it will do. For YOUR ESSAY, look for some unique information that will make your essay more creative and engaging. Try to find reliable information that might be new and exciting to talk about.

The problem today with a lot of online content is that it is literally "copied". Lazy writers find other writers pieces and "spin articles" based on those instead of writing something new and unique. If your using the internet to find sources for your research paper or essay, try to dig a little bit deeper and stop quoting the same articles over and over. The Internet is an amazing resource for students today because it is an unlimited library of information, but you are depriving yourself of an opportunity to learn from that library because everyone continues to take out the exact same book!

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