List Of Exciting Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

An argumentative essay is supposedly one of the most exciting types of essays to write. The writer has to voice his or her opinion on a particular topic of interest in these kinds of articles. This conveyed opinion has to be supported by strong reasoning and evidence to fulfil the very essence of these kinds of essays. And the most important goal of the writerof such an article is to be able to make the reader agree with the opinion portrayed in it. This makes working on such an article all the more challenging as well as exciting.

Now, field of sports is a professional field about which one is bound to get a huge number of ideas or topics to write upon. That is because in this profession, comparisons and controversies take place day in and day out. One can always use one of these controversial matters to fuel one’s argumentative essay. And the important thing is that one will hardly feel any dearth of evidence as because this profession is crucially based on statistical and analytical data.

To help you out, here are some of the most exciting argumentative essay topics on sports:

  1. Better infrastructure is needed to develop better sportspersons in the developing countries.
  2. Corruption in associations.
  3. Is the involvement of huge amounts of money taking away the true spirit of a game?
  4. Women are still considered to be the underdogs in outdoor games.
  5. The effects of media on games.
  6. Who invented soccer/football?
  7. Should cricket be a part of the Olympics?
  8. It is possible to be a nerdy bookworm and love outdoor games.
  9. Football/soccer is totally overrated.
  10. Which is the most physically challenging game in the world?
  11. Is the field of sports a dependable field of employment?
  12. Who is the greatest footballer of all time?
  13. Should some games be banned because they are too dangerous?
  14. Some forms of games are more worthy to be captured by the media than the others.
  15. Should bull-fighting be even considered as a legitimate game?
  16. Use of drugs in extremely challenging games is justifiable to some extent.
  17. Basketball is a game for tall people.
  18. There isn’t a most popular game in the world.
  19. Who is better- Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo?
  20. Which game is more popular in the USA- football or basketball?

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