How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay in 2 Hours

Writing a personal narrative essay can be easy if you know what life experience you are going to use as the foundation of your writing. Your readers want a real story and it's your job to capture their imagination. Quickly, think about an important personal experience you've had and what lesson you have learned from it. When you are writing this essay you'll need to tell a story that conveys meaning to your readers.

Outline and Pre-Write

In order to go through this assignment quickly, you will need to pre-write an outline. This will allow you to think about your life experiences or narrate to the readers about what you have achieved after having dealt with a conflict. When you are choosing an experience know that it doesn't have to be life-altering – as long as you have gained something from what has happened to you recently or in the past it will make for a great narrative theme. It's your job to ensure that your audience feels somewhat of an emotional connection to the topic as well.

When you have chosen an event it's then your job to organize your memories, talk about important details as well as who else was involved in the conflict (you can remain anonymous with names if you choose to.) Record the sequence of events and know that by using more details you can provide your audience with more imagery. Small details can do a lot in conveying important ideas. Build a story outline to make the essay organized and structured.

Build a Draft

When you are writing a draft make sure to follow the outline you've just created. Remain natural as you are writing and use "I" so that you can pull the reader into your experience. Don't be afraid to go into details because your audience will benefit from more of them to understand the experience. Include description and words that involve their emotions as well.

Review and reorganize your work so that it flows naturally. By rereading your work you can include any details that are important in getting your story across. The organization of events should make this easy to understand. The transitions shouldn't seem confusing or out of order either. Verify that your word choice is descriptive and that a bigger message is being taught to the audience. Build a connection with the written experience and conclude the narrative essay by identifying how it has changed you.

As you are building this essay it's your decision as to when you will reveal the transformation process. There are some writers who talk about the ethical theme within the introductory paragraph. Others may want to reveal what they have learned within the conclusion. Consider which way works best depending on your story. If you are going to share the experience with other students it can feel overwhelming – as long as you write about something that you have learned from, you can make this a quality essay that many people enjoy reading and connecting to on an emotional level.

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