Buying an essay: 5 things to know

So, you’ve determined that you’re in the market to buy a finished writing assignment. Before you take the next step, there are five important aspects of essay buying you should know about. A mistake in purchasing an essay could lead to serious problems in your academic career, so you’ll want to proceed with the utmost caution.

  1. Custom Essays vs. Essay Resales

    There are two basic types of online essay sales. The first is custom written assignments. These assignments are written to order: you provide the essay service with your assignment requirements, and a writer or team of writers creates a one of a kind essay which is then sold to you. The essay is never reused. The second type of service resells essays. They’ve collected a huge database of essays on different topics, and they’ll choose one which fits your requirements (more or less), and provide you with a personalized copy. Don’t use a resale service—you’ll see why, below.

  2. Plagiarism Detection Software

    Almost all institutions now use plagiarism detection software. This is far more advanced than what most students expect. It doesn’t simply search for instances of the paper online—it searches databases which include papers online (over 40 billion websites), those which are entered by instructors (over 300 million papers), and library databases and publications. Never use a resale service for this reason.

  3. Plagiarism Consequences

  4. Use a service you can trust, because the consequences for plagiarism may be severe. The service you use must understand proper quotations and citations and must be trusted not to blatantly plagiarize, or you could be dismissed from your university without warning and without having your tuition refunded. Even the best case scenario of being kicked out of the course without a refund is severe.

  5. Getting What You Pay For

    Your service needs to provide a paper that does more than barely fulfill your assignment requirements. It must be well-researched, well-written, and properly formatted and cited. Ensure that the service you use will provide quality work in all three regards.

  6. Planning Ahead

    Order your essay early. It’s extremely likely that you’ll need some revisions done, even if you choose a qualified service. You don’t want to turn in a paper with a serious problem because it could only be delivered the day it was due to be turned in. Order your essay soon after receiving the assignment.

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