Article Review Writing: Getting Started

Students are supposed to write article reviews so that they can improve their analytical skills. Teachers want the students to learn and improve their writing skills as they proceed to an advanced level degree. Literature reviews are supposed to be written by graduate or high level students. It is logical for them to have a little complicated writing assignment that needs to be able to think critically and write a critique being objective. The advanced level degree is obtained after almost 16 years of education. On such a level the complexity of assignments is quite understandable. This article shows how you should begin writing your article review. Before discussing the opening of an article review we should first understand what an article review is.

What is an article review?

An article review is the collection of relevant information and background about a certain subject that you have chosen for your research. In this kind of paper the student has to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of previously written material and state how his research is better than the others. It should also justify how your research will be able to fill the gaps left unattended by the previous authors who worked on the same subject.

  • It is not a summary of everything you have read about a certain subject. It is rather a time wise description of your subject and throws light on its history
  • The writer is first supposed to write about the general applications of its subject to help the reader understand the broadness of the topic
  • After that you have to narrow down your research to a certain aspect of the topic that you are going to discuss

How to get started with your article review?

Now that you have understood what is an article review it is time to discuss how you should start your article review writing. The first step is to know what information you need for writing your review. Answer the following questions:

  • What kind of research has been performed already on your concerned subject?
  • What other research work can serve to be relevant to your topic?
  • What areas of the topic still need attention and have not yet been discussed?
  • How do the sub topics overlap with your investigation?
  • How unique is your research and what is it future potential?

Once you have collected enough material after careful research you can then answer these questions easily.

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