Writing A Solid Main Body Of An Essay

The main body of an essay will include supporting points that is evidence for your main idea or thesis. The purpose of the essay will be stated in the first paragraph, or the introduction. The last paragraph of the essay is the conclusion which provides the solution or overall message the essay tries to summarize. The paragraphs in between is the body portion which includes a few points readers should know about the argument or main idea stated at the beginning. You should have solid details to back up your claim stated in the introduction with logic reasoning and interesting points.

Each Paragraph Often Represents One Supporting Point or Fact

The body of the essay works to explain reasoning behind the main idea. This means each point will have additional information of its own to provide leverage and support to the purpose of the essay. Each point will be different from one another but they each help to build your argument. There are different ways each point can be written based on guidelines per your instructor. Overall, each point will have a detailed description that connects it to the main point. They will also have a sentence that helps each paragraph transition into the next.

Each Paragraph Will Be Structured the Same but with Different Information

Each point will stand out on its own depending on how you provide additional details. The points you decide to include will help the essay come together as a whole. This is where you need to know your subject matter well and complete thorough research on your topic. The body has interesting information that should help answer questions the reader may have after reading the introduction.

Content Should Transition Clearly from One Paragraph to the Next

A solid essay has points that help pull the content together. Usually, the last sentence in a paragraph would be the transition point and the first sentence in the next paragraph would be the topic sentence. The end of each paragraph sets up the reader for the next point. As you gather details you should have an idea what points should appear in logic order to help you understand how to write your essay. Another point to consider is to write a rough draft using points you want to mention, revise your points to make them clear and concise, and write your final product.

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