Writing a literature review introduction tips

A literature review is supposed to analyze a certain published material or a thesis document. It does not merely list the things in that research document but should also be able to explain the core purpose and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the given material. It is more like a guide to the material and explains how and why the ideas in the thesis are valid and applicable or vice versa. When you address a certain research paper for writing a literature review it will help you in two areas.

Data collection- includes collecting research material for a specific category and type of subject.

Critical analysis-teaches to form objective opinions about different things.

Purpose of a literature view

A literature review as mentioned above is not merely a descriptive of any research material; instead it provides a comprehensive and unbiased critique of the subject under concern. There are a certain things a literature review must do if it has to be a significant review of the published material.

  • It must be relevant, should address the subject matter directly
  • Must explain how are different ideas related in a thesis
  • Identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the paper
  • Point out the contradictory areas and explain why they are contradicting
  • Provide thought for future research in the concerned area

Things to know

  • A person writing a literature view must be clear about the following in his mind
  • The targeted question or topic of the thesis/dissertation
  • The type of literature review
  • The research methodology i.e. quantitative or qualitative
  • The scope of the literature view
  • The data collection process-validity and reliability of data and the sources used
  • The discipline under concern
  • The unbiased critique of research matter
  • How effectively the review relates the ideas
  • The objectivity, relevancy and preciseness of the review

Final Notes:

The literature review must not be repetitive and each paragraph must be unique in subject as compared to others. Avoid giving unnecessary background and history of subjects. Only include history if it adds value to your paper. Do not start each paragraph with the author’s name. Keep your review as much relevant and direct as you possibly can. Leave no margin of grammatical and spelling errors. It is always advisable to proof read your work before you submit it to the instructor. Do not write any open-ended sentences that create ambiguity. Be concrete and keep your tone formal throughout the review.

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