Research Paper Writing Manual: Multiple Revisions

Writing research papers can be so dull and boring. Most students have trouble with them for one or more reasons: they take too much time; they’re lots of work; they’re uninteresting, or the student is bad at writing. For any reason, you’re in for the long haul with this assignment. It doesn’t have to be boring or tedious, though. Finding things that can hold your interest will actually get you a better mark. Someone can tell through your word choice whether you’re passionate about the subject or not. When you’re in the middle of research, find the small things that make you want to learn more, that most people don’t know about.

Try to think of your paper as a game. In order to make this fun, pretend you’re on a treasure hunt. You need to find specific information and put it all together to solve the puzzle. While you’re brainstorming about your topic, think of some places you can look:

  • The public and school libraries
  • Online journals and newspapers
  • Look for documentaries, videos and other uncommon sources
  • Talk to professionals who are working in their field
  • Ask classmates or your teacher
  • Read books that don’t catch your eye right away
  • Look in places you normally would pass by

Now you need a way to organize and put all of this together. This is where you’re going to have the multiple revisions come in. really, the best way to write any paper is to write a fast and rough first draft, then do your research, and then incorporate it into the second draft. After that, have someone else read it and revise based on their opinion, with the more people the better. Doing that few times might make you sick of your own words and of the subject, but going over it many times is really what makes takes a paper from good to great.

All Great Writing is in the Rewriting

Many writers have said the above quote, and it really is true. You can take any bad first draft, and with the right editing skills, make something amazing. Don’t worry about your rough draft because it’s only there as a placeholder, as a base to work off. As long as you can produce it quickly and get your research put in the right place, you can start your multiple revisions sooner and make it the best it can be.

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