Selecting Best Argument Essay Topics

If you are the kind of individual who enjoys getting into arguments then you may be good at writing argumentative essays and not even know it. Basically, an argumentative essay is an essay that is written in favor of one main idea or point. When you write an essay in this style you must debate and defend your viewpoint using strong examples and evidence that you find through research.

What Makes A Good Argument Essay Subject?

In most cases the topic of an argumentative essay is usually something that is controversial that can be defended from one or two different angles. The author then selects a viewpoint and looks for strong research examples to support their perspective.

The best essays that are written are composed on topics that the general public already feels strongly about. Here's a great list presented by experienced writers:

  • Evolution Vs. Creationism
  • Should gay marriage be legal?
  • Nature Vs. Nurture?
  • Should abortion be allowed?
  • Is the death penalty needed?
  • Should we have a more socialist economy?
  • Should people have to pay taxes?

These types of topics often provoke strong reactions from people therefore making them great choices for an argument essay.

The Dos and Don’ts of Argument Essay Writing

If you are asked to write an argument essay make sure that carefully balance your own opinions with evidence points. Basically you want to express your own ideas but use good evidence examples that are based in fact to support yourself. Don’t get caught up in the debate and forget to do the research. Try not to be too biased and instead make intelligent remarks about the issues being discussed. It is okay to be passionate when you write an essay in this style, but balance your passion with expert insights in order to make your essay more truthful.

The real secret to writing a great argument essay is choosing a great topic to write on. Before you begin the writing process carefully consider so different ideas that you feel strongly about. Examining your own values is a great way to determine whether or not you should write on a specific topic. If you believe that you can develop a constructive argument on a controversial topic, then go for it!

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