Examples Of The Most Popular Essay Prompts

Essay prompts are those questions or statements that people writing essays ask themselves or are asked to elicit a reaction from them. They normally are on a controversial topic or contentious moral issues, that require the writer to take a stand, take a side or seek for solutions to a problem. They gauge the problem solving skills of the writer, whether they understand and follow instructions, and their convictions about what they believe. Essay prompts are varied depending on the expected structure, tone and style of the essay the question is likely to elicit.

Below are some of the most common essay prompts according to the type of essay.

Examples of essay prompts for persuasive essays

  • Many parents censor television and video games and keep their children away from them. Do you think television, movies and video games promote violence in children? Give reasons and examples to support your stand.
  • Research on new medical drugs and other interventions is normally done on animals first before human testing begins. While some people are comfortable with this, some animal rights activists oppose this. Do you think medical experiments on animals should stop and are there alternatives?
  • Research shows that many of the foods on the store shelves have genetically modified makeup. Do you think genetic modification of food is an acceptable idea?

Examples of prompts for expository essays

  • Explain the issues and problems that cause and result from obesity
  • What are the causes and effects of failing to vote in an election?
  • Explain the steps that a student should take when looking for a good school
  • Explain how the internet has revolutionized communication in the last 15 years
  • Describe how human activities in the 21st century have impacted the environment

Examples of essay prompts for descriptive or narrative essays

  • Life experiences often lead us into re-examining our beliefs and value systems. Describe one such event and the consequences it had.
  • Unexpected and difficult situations sometimes lead us into discovering things about ourselves that we did not know before. What such events have you encountered and what did they reveal to you about your character.
  • Sometimes doing the right thing means hurting or even putting in danger those that one cares about. Describe one such event in your life, explaining how you dealt with the dilemma and the consequences.

These are just but few examples of thought provoking essay prompts that ask the questions that bring the best out of writers.

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