10 Outstanding Biology Essay Topics

Biology is a great subject; it deals with all manner of natural elements. There’s so much you can do within it, and sometimes that makes picking an essay topic difficult. So follow our handy tips to pick an outstanding topic:

  • Can we Cure Cancer?
  • Cloning: Is It Ethical?
  • The Next Step in Humanity
  • The Cure: Stem Cells and Beyond
  • Can We Get Younger?
  • The Chemicals in our Smile
  • DNA: ReWriting the Code
  • The Domino Defect: How One Defect Affects Another
  • The Global Flu: Safeguarding the Future
  • Dangerous Attractions: Why Do We Fall in Love?

Can We Cure Cancer?

There are many different types of cancer, from breast to prostate to skin and more. If you have an interest in studying it, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Cloning: Is It Ethical?

We’re at an apex of technology whereby we are getting closer and closer to properly cloning things. A lot of laws on cloning are getting more lax and right now is when the action is hot. Get in on it.

The Next Step In Humanity

How and why did we evolve, and are we evolving again? What is it that makes us evolve and how will we know when we have?

The Cure: Stem Cells and Beyond

Can we really find the cures to Alzheimer’s Disease, blindness, and a host of genetic diseases? Stem cells seem like a way to cure everything, but how does it work?

Can We Get Younger?

What makes us age, and can we stop it, or at least slow it down? How would society react to that?

The Chemicals In Our Smile

Why are some people predisposed to depression, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses? What is it that causes post-partum depression? How can we fix it? Is it just chemical, or is there more going on?

DNA: Rewriting the Code

Our DNA is our coding. It makes us who we are. But what is it? Can we manipulate it? Can we change it? Should we?

The Domino Defect: How One Defect Affects Another

What causes defects in our cells and DNA? How does one defect affect another, and can we fix them?

The Global Flu: Safeguarding the Future

All it takes it one bad dose of the flu virus and we could all be wiped out in a month. So what causes epidemics and how can we stop them?

Dangerous Attractions: Why Do We Fall in Love

What makes one person attracted to another? Why do some people feel asexual? What is it that makes someone homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual? All these questions are important, so get working on them.

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