A List Of Intriguing Topic Ideas For A Psychology Research Paper

When it comes to choosing a topic for a psychology research paper, different students act differently. Some of them come up with great ideas right away while others spend a lot of time looking for an appropriate and interesting topic. So, if you have certain problems with your psychology research paper it would be useful for you to look at the following topics.

  1. Dreams.
  2. Under this topic you can research different theories about dreams and try to find out if dreams have some effect on the development of the human being and its mind.

  3. Bullying on the internet.
  4. This topic allows you to analyze how cyber bullying impacts the children and teenagers who communicate in social networks. Does it have visible negative consequences?

  5. University and college graduates.
  6. If you choose this topic you can research how graduates act in the circumstances when they cannot find job due to poor economical situation and lack of employment. Does it affect their self confidence?

  7. Extraordinary events.
  8. Find the event in current news (better if it happened in your local area) and investigate how people of different age, genders, social layers etc. react on it.

  9. Psychological disorders.
  10. Here you can analyze how different psychological disorders affect lives of people who suffer from them. Moreover, you can investigate what impact people with disorders have on their family members.

  11. Local psychology.
  12. It is an interesting topic as it allows you to investigate psychological differences of people from different regions. You can find some features that characterize only people from a specific area.

  13. Development of psychology.
  14. You can make a research on how psychology developed through years as a science. You may describe various psychological methods that help people understand each other better. You also can point out advantages and disadvantages of modern psychology.

  15. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
  16. If you chose this topic you can analyze how this type of disorder affects young women, what modern medicine and psychology can do about it, and whether doctors and psychologists usually ignore it.

  17. Random topic.
  18. Sometimes when you cannot come up with the idea about a topic you may just open a random page in a psychology book and find there something interesting. It’s not 100% success, of course, but this variant is worth trying.

  19. Parapsychology.
  20. Here you can investigate if parapsychology is developed enough to have its place in modern psychology. What are the pros and cons?

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