Sample Essays Can Be Easily Found Online

What is a sample essay?

A sample essay is a piece of writing ordered online from a service or a freelance writer, which fulfills the guidelines of a particular writing assignment, typically at the college level. The average person who orders a sample essay is a college student in a writing intensive class, who needs some kind of assistance planning or finishing their papers for class.

The typical sample essay writer is an academic with a postgraduate degree of some kind, or a professional writer working as a freelancer. Typically, only the student who has hired the writer has access to final product; the essay becomes their intellectual property they may use however they see fit.

How are sample essays used?

Students who order sample essays online fall into several categories. Some students use their sample essays templates before writing their own drafts. These students simply read the sample essays, review their structure and some of their content, and then embark on writing their own paper from scratch. Other students re-write the sample essay they have received, changing the language only slightly, and then submit that re-written, technically new essay as their own work. Finally, some students who purchase sample essays choose to submit these papers to their course instructors with their own name on it, and pass this work off as their own, with varying degrees of success.

How are sample essays bought?

If you wish to buy a sample essay for personal use, you should first have a general sense of how the transaction works. First, you locate a service that is staffed with writers you might like to work with. Then, you contact a customer service or sales representative and express your interest in buying an essay. Once this has occurred, you are either given a specific writer or are asked to pick your preferred writer from a short list of options.

After a writer has been selected and hired, you must specify the nature of the writing assignment and negotiate terms. Some important terms include how long you expect the task to take, how much you will pay, whether or not the writer will edit the document after they have completed it, and what method you will use to reimburse the writer. Make sure to keep a record of your interactions with the writer, and communicate your needs and expectations clearly.

Once you have hired a writer and come to mutually agreeable terms, all you have to do is wait. Review the essay you receive and check it for errors and plagiarism. If you have any suggested edits, ask the writer. Then enjoy!

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