Composing a compare and contrast essay from scratch

Crafting a compare and contrast essay begins with coming up with a good, strong thesis that shows the reader exactly why the items or terms or ideas are being compared or contrasted. Consider the wording of your thesis carefully because they can also go beyond the typical compare and contrast terms. For example, if you are comparing two authors there can be specific language used like how do the authors define love in their writings. That is asking for the definition, but in fact the comparison and contrast is actually done through defining love. This can be useful when trying to develop the essay because looking for specific examples in the texts provides the evidence needed to support your thesis. A strong thesis is specific and yet allows for some analysis of the topic or explanation of the points outlined in the thesis.

Planning out a compare and contrast essay is really important so that the key points and the strongest supports can be used in the writing. Planning can take on different forms. Jotting down notes or lists can be helpful. Some people find it helpful to outline the essay and others may even use a graphic organizer such as a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences with the terms and ideas for the essay.

Once the similarities and differences have been established making sure that the ones you choose are relevant is important. Go back to the assignment requirements and your thesis to make sure that the points that you choose to develop are the best ones to meet the requirements of the assignment.

One technique that can help to build a strong conclusion is to rewrite the introduction paragraph. This helps to keep the ending connected to the rest of the essay and to keep the flow going right to the end. Once you have done that the conclusion can be an excellent closing for your essay. Illustrating the points in the body then can become an easy task because you know where you want to end up with the essay. Always refer to the thesis with the points to make sure that it follows along and is logical.

A compare and contrast essay begins with a solid thesis. Once this is crafted, the body paragraphs can be written. The writer knows it will flow if she constantly refers to that thesis as she writes.

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