Finding a Good Topic for a Research Paper: Philosophy Classes Help

While it might be challenging for philosophy majors to find a career in their field, it is not difficult to choose a good topic for a philosophy research paper. The biggest challenge in choosing a philosophy paper topic is not that there are not many topics to choose from, it is that many of the topics have been around for decades. When you need a good philosophy research paper topic, you need to think about the current state of the subject and what could become the future state of philosophy. Then, you will be able to step ahead of your fellow classmates and impress your professor with your unique thinking. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • The philosophy behind body image. This is one of the most timely topics, especially as so many people on social media and the world of celebrity are trying to change the popular ideas of the perfect body. From fat shaming to eating disorders, body image is truly a hot topic that could become a fascinating research paper for a philosophy class.
  • The philosophy of discrimination. If you have watched the news lately, you know that discrimination has not left our world. From schools and police departments, movie castings, and professional athletics, racial discrimination and gender discrimination continues to live on today.
  • Abuse of animals vs. abuse of children. These are both horrible things and they both can be looked at through a variety of different philosophical lenses. You can investigate the different opinions and theories behind abusing weaker beings and why it is so prevalent in a modernized world.
  • Philosophy behind offering aid. Whenever a major disaster occurs, like a famine, weather-related disaster, or earthquake, there are people who are ready, willing, and able to drop everything to help those who are in need. Often, these people do not know anyone who was affected, but they still go to help. Look a the philosophy behind helping those who are unable to help themselves in the time of great need.
  • Why do people do evil things? All too often, we see horrible, evil events unfolding on our evening news channels. We do not understand why people could do these things. From beheadings, neglecting children, or terrorizing innocent people, how can people commit these horrible acts? What do they use as justification? Why is it so hard for us to understand?

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