10 Original English Research Paper Topics for High School

High school students and work

High school students usually do not have tons of homework, but when they do, it is really challenging and needs proper attention and dedication.

Importance of your research paper topic

The topic of your research paper is very critical because it represents your paper. If you fail to attract the reader here, then all your efforts will be wasted. Make sure that you write a topic, which is engaging, and hook your readers until the end.

  • Choose a topic that is unique
  • You must be passionate about what you write
  • There should be enough research material available on it
  • It must follow the specifications set by your teacher
  • You must set a deadline for completion
  • Brainstorm to get good ideas for research paper topics
  • Choose 2-3 topics from these ideas
  • Edit and improve your topic when you are done
  • It must lead to a meaningful conclusion

10 original topics for high school research

  1. Is it safe to drive while you are drunk or high on any sedative? Why are drugs and alcohol getting popularity regardless of all the accidents they cause?
  2. What is the possible example of perfect competition in our economy? Can equilibrium be attained if people are consuming resources each passing day?
  3. Can robots and machines overtake the human world? Can research and development in artificial intelligence bring harm to the humankind?
  4. Every living thing has a purpose according to the bible, what justifies the existence of harmful insects and poisonous beings?
  5. What motivates people to sacrifice their lives for greater purposes? Can war and suffering be avoided if all humans had the same inspiration?
  6. What makes a picture worth a thousand words? Is the art of photography innate or can it be learned?
  7. Our education systems are yielding more and more talented breeds each year, Why did Einstein non-conform to our education systems and qualification levels?
  8. Was Steve Jobs as successful as people have perceived after his death? What made Jobs a leader?
  9. What is the best way to eradicate evil from our societies and who can help us make a better and just social structure?
  10. Why does the government allocate most of its budget to military and weapons, could there be a better way of doing it?

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